Facebok Data Extractor

Facebook Data Extractor


Its a leadings tools for digital marketing.becuase if we want market our any product we need atleast list of mobile number whstapp numbers or email address where we will market our all product.that will be a question of every marketer.because if we will market our products to a random numbers list where we did not know the targeted people audiense intreset.its mean if we will market our product to unknown person where we did not know about their intrest then the marketing resullt will be 0%.

Facebok Data Extractor
Facebok Data Extractor

Features :

Target Audiense : Through This Facebook data Extractor we can find target audience which will be compatiable with our products.its mena we can find intrested people which are already joined on different facebook groups pages.we can find our product intrest peoples through this facebook data extractor.its mean these are qualified leads for us.

Qualified Leads : Qualified leads mean if any person want to buy a product from diferent facebook groups and pages and we got access of his/her email address or cell numbers with location then it will be qualified lead and we can sell our product just call or whstapp or email to him/her.

Facebook Group & Pages Scrapping : Facebook data extractor can sracpe Email,Cell Numbers ,Gender & Location In CSV formate from facebook groups ,pages likes, pages comments,groups comments.

Facebook Friends List : Facebook data extractor can also extract your own friends list or your any friend list which you will recmend to software for scrapping.its very easy with just one click you can extract data Of cell numbers emails addresses and many other things.

Keywords Searching Leads: You can also serach leads by keywrods through facebook data extractor.its very easy just make a list of your target keywords and put into software for searching.

Facebook Groups Pages & Friends Leads Extractor.